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Carsten Schlangen runs EURO-qualifier in the 1.500m

Carsten Schlangen is the first German Miler who ran faster than the 3:37,00 that are required to be nominated for the European Championships this year.

On June 29th he clocked a 3:36,37 to win a meeting in Metz/FRA. Schlangen stated: “After 1.000m I was alone already. The first pacemaker did a very good job but the second one was too slow so I had to pass him early already. However, one the final stretch I had a much better kick than in my last race in Wattenscheid.”

Fellow Germans Moritz Waldmann (3:41,71 min/7th), Christoph Lohse (3:43,06 min/9th) and Georg Eberhardt (3:44,29 min/10th) were further back in the field.

Steffen Uliczka runs European Championships qualification time in the steeple

Steeplechaser Steffen Uliczka surprisingly ran a 8:26,44 in his first 3.000m steeple-race of the season to qualify for the European Championships in Barcelona 2010.

In the “German Meeting” event in Cottbus he took second behind Kenyan Stephen Kiprotich. the 26-year old Uliczka stated that “the race was tailored for me”.”I’m at the beginning of my first competition period and that’s why I’m pretty surprised to have the qualification in my pocket already.” The qualification standard of the German athletics federation DLV for the steeple was set at 8:28,00min.

Irina Mikitenko wins in Vienna

Five weeks after she dropped out of the London Marathon, German Marathon Record holder Irina Mikitenko ran her first race in Vienna/AUT last weekend. She won the Austrian womens run over 5km. She covered the 5K in 15:39,4 min, which was only 10 seconds slower than the course record.

Mikitenko was joined by Australian Eloise Wellings (15:48,4 min) and Latvian Jeļena Prokopčuka (15:59,6 min).

For the German it was a test for the European Cup 10.000m next Saturday (June 5th) in Maseille/FRA. Mikitenko stated that: “the body is alright, I didn’t have any problems. It was a good test.” Last time she ran 5000m was some four years ago, so it was a short and fast race for her. Now she is optimistic that she can run the qualification for the European Championships in Barcelona in next weeks 10.000.

Bernadette Pichlmaier and Dennis Pyka take German Marathon titles 2010

The German Marathon Championships were part of the Mainz Marathon (results published here already). Bernadette Pichlmaier (2:40:58h) repeated last years victory in the womens category, while Dennis Pyka (2:20:09h) won his first individual title.

The 41-year old Pichlmaier started the race with the qualification time (2:33h) for the European Championships) in the back of her mind. With a first half of 1:16:51h she was not too far off and still en route to a new PB (2:35:26h). However, in the second part of the race she had to decrease the pace: After 25km the cool and rainy weather hit her legs and she was concentrating on defending the national title from that point onwards. At the end Pichlmaier still had a comfortable lead  over silver and bronce medalists Fakia Hofmann (2:48:23h) and  Steffi Volke (2:51:49h).

Also the mens race saw a clear and unchallenged winner. 38-year old Dennis Pyka was the pre-race favorite and won the national title with a lead of around eight minutes. With his winning time of 2:20:09h Pyka was close to his PB (2:19:14h) and ran almost even splits (1:09:35+1:10:34) on a course that has two climbs on the second half. After the race the new German Champion stated that he was also effected by the wet conditions, as he already had wet shoes before the start of the marathon: “That’s the reason why I got blisters pretty fast”. Second place was taken by Bastian Krantz, husband of the elite race walker Sabine Krantz, in 2:28:08h. Philipp Nawrocki (2:28:26h) was a lucky bronce medal winner, as it was the first individual medal for the 33-year old (same goes for Bastian Krantz).

Samuel Kosgei and Mary Keitany with double world record at BIG 25 in Berlin

The Kenyans Samuel Kosgei and Mary Keitany wrote history in the 30th edition of the BIG 25 in Berlin. Never before a world record was set in mens and womens category in the same road race!

In the best 25K-race ever, the top athletes used the perfect weather conditions of 12-14°C with practically no winds and overcast sky.

In the mens race a big pack of around 20 athletes passed the 5K-mark in 14:29min. After that the pace remained high and the field was reduced step-by-step until kilometer 15 (43:05min). At this point the race was down to a battle between Samuel Kosgei and Gilbert Kirwa (both Kenya). At the end it was Samuel Kosgei who had the best legs and improved the previous world record (1:12:45h, Paul Kosgei in Berlin 2009) by almost one minute to 1:11:50h. Also Gilbert Kirwa broke the previous record by clocking 1:11:58h for second place. The podium was completed by Terefe Maregu (Eth) in 1:13:16h. Altogether nine athletes ran sub-1:15h.

The womens race was dominated by pre-race favorite Mary Keitany. The dominating female road racer of 2009 ran her own race and smashed the previous world record (1:22:13, Mizuki Noguchi in Berlin 2005). Led by two pacemakers she was on course for a sub-1:20h time all the way and crossed the finish line after 1:19:53h. Around five minutes later Alice Timbilili (1:24:38) and Pasalia Kipkoech (both Kenya/1:26:47) came home for 2nd and 3rd place.

Results were published already earlier here.

3+1 Euro qualifiers at German 10.000 Championships

Sabrina Mockenhaupt and Christian Glatting took the titles in the German 10.000m Track Championships in Ohrdruf. With Filmon Ghirmai and Musa Roba-Kinkal, two more athletes cracked the qualification time for the European Championships in Barcelona this year.

mens race:
Christoph Lohse was set as a pacemaker and did a good job, leading a big pack through 3.000m in 8:39min. At this point the lead pack was already down to seven (Glatting, Roba-Kinkal, Ghirmai, Hallmann, Zelalem, Pflieger and Dutch runner Stitzinger). Just after 8K, Musa Roba-Kinkal injected a big move, that was only covered by Christian Glatting and Filmon Ghirmai. The split for 8K was far too slow for the qualification time for the European Championships (28:45 for Germans) and most coaches already thought the game would be over. However, the trio ran a phenomenal last 4 rounds, covered the last kilometer just outside 2:40min and in the last round Christian Glatting (28:40,18min) made the decisive move with 300 meters to go. Steeple specialist Filmon Ghirmai (28:41,36min) passed Musa Roba-Kinkal (28:41,90min) on the home stretch to get the silver. Roba-Kinkal also got a title as he is still U23 and won this category. Altogether eight Germans (including three U23-juniors) plus two foreigners ran sub-30min.

Now it seems there will be a good battle for the Barcelona places in the German team. Sebastian Hallmann, who took 4th in 29:09 in the race, can also run the 28:45 standard and of course the reigning European Champion Jan Fitschen, who canceled the race due to a flu, is also in the game after some good weeks of training.

womens race:
As expected Sabrina Mockenhaupt won her 26th German Championships in a solo-effort. With her time of 32:10,31min she was well below the qualification time of 32:25,00min. Second place went to Simret Restle (33:06,84min), who profited from running with Swiss athlete Martina Strähl (33:11,21min). Third place in the German Championships went to Ingalena Heuck (33:30,25min), who just won the German Halfmarathon Championships two weeks ago. The title in the U23-category was taken by Christina Kröckert (34:07,43 min).

Results were already published earlier.

Victory ceremony for the women.

Glatting (100), Roba-Kinkal (99), Ghirmai (109) and Hallmann (22) with around 700m to go. Friedrich (18) and Schuff (76) are lapped.

after the mens race

METRO Group Marathon Düsseldorf 2010 live online stream

Next Sunday, May 2nd, the METRO Group Marathon Düsseldorf takes place and the race will be broadcasted live by local TV channel center tv via this link.

Last year five Germans ran times of sub-2:20h (Pollmächer 2:13:08, Beckmann  2:13:41, Cierpinski 2:17:12, Sauter 2:17:26, Steidl 2:19:42). No idea when that happened the last time before! This year Falk Cierpinski and Tobias Sauter will run again there to test their fitness for the European Championships Marathon 2010.

The internet coverage starts at 7.30AM local time (Central European Summer Time, UTC+2h) with an introduction of the course. The race will be covered from 9.00AM until 2.30PM. The start of the marathon runners is at 9.30AM.

Furthermore there will also be a radio coverage from Radio Wunschklang (9-12AM)

10th RheinEnergie Marathon Bonn report + results, 25.04.2010

For the first time in the history of the RheinEnergie Bonn Marathon saw a German winner. David Karl was the first runner to cross the line after 2:28:42h. The 23-year old has a PB of 2:23:59h, from last years German Marathon Championships where he took 3rd place. In the womens category Birgit Lennartz repeated history: She already won the 1st Bonn Marathon nine years ago!

This year was the first time, race organisers in Bonn disclaimed from inviting international top athletes, so only one Kenyan participated but faltered in the late stages of the race.

The blind Paralympics-Winner and World Record holder Henry Wanyoike (KEN) completed the halfmarathon in 1:19:44h.

Also Sabrina Mockenhaupt and Luminita Zaituc took part in the race, but used her part in a marathon relay as a training run.

Around 200.000 people spectated for the 9.435 finishers in warm and sunny weather.

Lead results were as follows:

marathon men:
1 Karl, David (GER) MHK 02:28:42
2 Kosgei, Isaiah M35 Tibeko 02:30:07
3 Dr. Penedo, Nelson (GER) M35 SSF Bonn Triathlon 02:41:34
4 Meyer, Jens (GER) M35 02:50:14
5 Hegerath, Jörg (GER) M40 VfB Alemannia Pfalzdorf 02:50:41
6 Lehr, Markus (GER) M35 AS LahnLaender Lahnau 02:50:49
7 Reuschenbach, Andreas (GER) M30 LG BSN 02:51:01
8 Schneider, Frank M45 02:54:46
9 Salm, Dirk (GER) M40 Grojos LTF Elversberg 02:54:46
10 Müller, Christian (GER) MHK 02:54:56
11 Dr. Heinrich, Alexander (GER) M40 BSG BMELV 02:55:21
12 Hausdorf, Uwe (GER) M45 Marathon-Club Menden 02:56:20
13 Schöne, Burkhard (GER) M45 Marathon-Club Menden 02:56:33
14 Grabowski, Jan (GER) M45 LT Siebengebirge 02:56:44
15 Assmann, Walle (GER) M40 Deutsche Telekom 02:56:50

marathon women:
1 Lennartz, Birgit (GER) W45 LLG St. Augustin 03:10:26
2 Woltmann, Christina (GER) W40 TSG Schwäbisch Hall 03:15:39
3 Uhlig, Birgitt (GER) W50 Deutsche Telekom 03:16:05
4 Dr. Sattler, Annette (GER) W40 Spiridon Frankfurt 03:17:49
5 Ebner, Claudia (GER) W40 03:25:56
6 Eckai-Nicolaus, Susanne (GER) W45 marathonteam-online 03:27:19
7 Braun, Marion (GER) W50 SV Germania Eichersc 03:27:48
8 Bleimann, Petra (GER) W35 LAC-Mausbach 03:29:11
9 Schlüter-Michels, Marion (GER) W40 SG Borken 03:30:46
10 Hartikainen, Heini (FIN) WHK 03:31:11
11 Pag, Ulrike (GER) W40 Sportpark Ennert 03:32:29
12 Behrning, Kirsi (GER) W30 LT Wettringen 03:32:52
13 Wenzel, Kristina W30 03:33:21
14 Schröer, Julia (GER) W30 03:35:44
15 Broekmate, Loes (NEL) W45 03:37:09

halfmarathon men:
1 Musanduki, Mohamedi (TAN) MHK 01:07:06
2 Charai, Abderrazzak MHK TV Wald Str. Wiesbaden 01:08:55
3 Holmgren, David (GER) MHK 01:11:30
4 Schneider, Torsten M35 RheinEnergie 01:12:44
5 Strankmann, Oliver (DEU) MHK Evrolux AG Bonn 01:12:48
6 Engert, Johannes (GER) MHK 01:14:07
7 Meurer, Sebastian MHK LC Euskirchen 01:14:28
8 Leins, Sebastian MHK Kölner Triathlon Team 01 01:14:50
9 Dossow, Uwe (GER) M40 SportScheck 1 01:15:04
10 Carter, Tony (GBR) MHK Wallsend Harriers 01:15:14
11 Ahlert, Henning (GER) M40 LG Brechen 01:15:24
12 Layendecker, Per (GER) MHK Team Dolorgiet punctomed 01:16:24
13 Buch, Reyk (DEU) M40 Alfterer SC 01:16:35
14 Bergmann, Werner M35 LAZ Puma 01:16:39
15 Löschner, Frank (GER) M50 TV Büschergrund 01:16:41

halfmarathon women:
1 Breitschmid, Jenny (SUI) W30 Team Goldwurst-Power 01:19:55
2 Buch, Thurid (GER) W35 Alfterer SC 01:22:14
3 Viebahn, Christl (GER) W30 TV Refrath 01:22:52
4 Günther, Marlen WHK LAZ Puma 01:23:25
5 Waltering, Stefanie (GER) WHK Streitkräfteamt Team 4 01:26:44
6 Weiss, Annette (GER) W40 01:29:08
7 Scheuer, Kathrin (GER) WHK TSV Urfftal 08 01:29:22
8 Körtgen, Anne-Theresa WHK Alemannia Aachen 01:29:28
9 Scholtz, Nicole (GER) W30 SSF Bonn Triathlon 01:29:32
10 Otto, Carmen (GER) W35 LG Südsauerland 01:30:35

full results of the race

34th Leipzig Marathon report + results 2010, 25.04.2010

Local athletes won the 34th edition of the Leipzig marathon 2010. Carina Schipp (2:53:34 h) und Maksym Salii (2:36:06 h) defended their titles from last year on the full marathon distance, while Sven Weyer (01:11:52 h) in a tactical and Sandra Boitz (01:23:02 h) in a lonely race at the front won the halfmarathon. Times were not as fast as expected due to the warm weather conditions of up to sunny 24°C.

Altogether 7.700 runners participated in the different races of the event.

Lead results were as follows:

marathon men:
1 Salii, Maksym (UKR) SC DHfK Leipzig e.V. 02:36:06
2 Rößler, Lars (DEU) LSV Lok Arnstadt 02:39:16
3 Giebel, Jörg (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig 02:41:02
4 Zander, Holger (DEU) LB Schwarzenberg 90 02:42:58
5 Voland, Thomas (DEU) Stadtwerke Leipzig 02:43:13
6 Greger, Oliver (DEU) RSC Marktredwitz 02:46:36
7 Steiner, Jürgen (DEU) DJK Weiden 02:47:04
8 Jende, Felix (DEU) *Leipzig 02:51:33
9 Henning, Dirk (DEU) LG eXa Leipzig e.V. 02:53:47
10 Klein, Robert (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig 02:54:34
11 Abt, Michael (DEU) 02:56:19
12 Spenlein, Michael (DEU) 02:57:05
13 Fischer, Karl (DEU) Team Sport Schweizer 02:57:16
14 Vieck, Uwe (DEU) 02:57:19
15 Förkel, Detlev (DEU) 02:58:17
16 Jentsch, Thomas (DEU) Team Stadtwerke Merseburg 02:59:08
17 Gasch, Ronald (DEU) Chemnitzer LV MEGWARE 02:59:39
18 Belka, Christian (DEU) SPORT-FREIgang Team 02:59:40
19 Müller, Hans-Albert (DEU) LWF Leipzig 02:59:56
20 Schumann, Tobias (DEU) Tri-Sport Wurzen e.V. 03:00:06

marathon women:
1 Schipp, Carina (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig e.V. 02:53:34
2 Stroh, Tanja (DEU) Unisport Leipzig 03:11:57
3 Andres, Sabine (DEU) Spiridon Schleswig 03:18:05
4 Rosenthal, Elke (DEU) SV Lok Blankenburg 03:22:19
5 Mellin, Gesa (DEU) WSV 21 Wolfenbüttel 03:26:41
6 Junge, Stephanie (DEU) Kopfjaeger-Sports e.V. 03:27:54
7 Fedler, Anett (DEU) Stadtwerke Leipzig 03:31:28
8 Franz, Ute (DEU) LT Bittermark Dortmund 03:33:51
9 Reichelt, Silvia (DEU) Delligser SC 03:35:02
10 Mende, Jana (DEU) AMAZON 03:35:24
11 Eberhardt, Margrit (DEU) Laufseminar Leipzig Marathon 03:42:47
12 Pein, Ute (DEU) PSV Leipzig 03:45:18
13 Trommer, Heike (DEU) SV Schönheide 03:48:58
14 Peters, Jennifer (DEU) Brockenlaufverein Ilsenburg 03:49:23
15 Lörch, Marshalee (JAM) 03:50:41
16 Fichtel, Simone (DEU) 03:52:10
17 Neumann, Dorit (DEU) 03:52:57
18 Peter, Kerstin (DEU) 03:53:28
19 Naeser, Annett (DEU) Bundespolizei Frankfurt/M. 03:54:17
20 Köhler, Bärbel (DEU) LC Auensee Leipzig 03:56:15

halfmarathon men:
1 Weyer, Sven (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig e.V. 01:11:52
2 Bittner, Per (DEU) ALZ Sigmaringen 01:12:35
3 Herrmann, Lucas (DEU) 01:14:08
4 Ueberschär, Olaf (DEU) LFV Oberholz 01:16:33
5 Ezequiel Ernesto Benvenut, Kelo (ARG) Internationaler Trainerkurs 01:16:38
6 Heinze, Christoph (DEU) Die Talentlosen 01:16:39
7 Ritter, Christian (DEU) Stadtwerke Team Leipzig 01:16:48
8 Fleischhauer, Jens (DEU) SV Bergdorf Höhn 01:18:20
9 Barcik, Rico (DEU) Stadtwerke Leipzig 01:18:39
10 Matthe, Jörg (DEU) SC DHFK Leipzig 01:19:03
11 Krönke, Martin (DEU) Unisport Leipzig 01:19:44
12 Krause, Lars (DEU) 01:20:10
13 Bolm, Oliver (DEU) LTC Berlin 01:21:06
14 Siefke, Martin (DEU) MEDICA-Klinik 01:21:46
15 Lohse, Marcel (DEU) HTWK-Student 01:21:58
16 Schiller, Jörg (DEU) TSV Regen/Ski 01:22:49
17 Ruschke, Malte (DEU) SG Clara Zetkin, Leipzig 01:23:20
18 Smigaj, Swen (DEU) 01:23:23
19 Benndorf, Maik (DEU) SC Riesa 01:23:31
20 Stimpel, Thomas (DEU) SV Halle Triathlon 01:23:44

halfmarathon women:
1 Boitz, Sandra (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig 01:23:02
2 Frey, Marina (RUS) UniSport Braunschweig 01:30:23
3 Heilwagen, Kamila (POL) 01:33:16
4 Dörfer, Kristin Team Speiche 01:33:25
5 Lamkewitz, Nancy (DEU) LG eXa Leipzig e.V. 01:35:07
6 Jakob, Anja (DEU) VSC Klingenthal 01:36:51
7 Schier, Kerstin (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig e.V. 01:39:30
8 Hübner, Anett (DEU) Universität Leipzig 01:39:35
9 Goth, Andrea (DEU) TSV Katzwang 01:39:49
10 Kummer, Susanne (DEU) 01:40:28
11 Huckauf, Susanne (DEU) 01:41:03
12 Scharf, Silke (DEU) 01:41:12
13 Kummich, Juliane (DEU) ESV Lok Beucha 01:42:01
14 Nöbel-Schultz, Adelheid (DEU) VS Leipzig 01:42:09
15 Dr. Schönlebe, Jana (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig 01:42:26
16 Vogl, Manuela (DEU) M&M Dreamteam 01:42:52
17 Frey, Evelyn (DEU) CMS Hasche Sigle 01:43:06
18 Starke, Julia (DEU) LFV Oberholz / Laufseminar 01:43:18
19 Videau, Anne-Caroline (FRA) Berliner TSC Triathlon 01:43:20
20 Loth, Nancy (DEU) Justabs 01:43:39

10K men:
1 Teich, Christian (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig e.V. 00:32:53
2 Herbst, Marcus (DEU) Zeppelin-Team 00:33:13
3 Otto, Christian (DEU) Triathlon Team Mitteldeutschland 00:33:42
4 Meyer, Steffen (DEU) Rennsteiglaufverein/LG Süd 00:33:52
5 Glaser, Marcel (DEU) SSV Eintracht Naumburg 00:34:28
6 Krell, Philipp (DEU) Zeppelin-Team 00:34:38
7 Griesmann, Ronny (DEU) TSG Markkleeberg von 1903 00:35:17
8 Winkler, Christoph (DEU) Stadtwerke Leipzig 00:35:30
9 Werner, Martin (DEU) RV Zwenkau – Team Speiche 00:35:58
10 Reiche, Danilo (DEU) VfB Germania Halberstadt 00:36:15

10K women:
1 Bogen, Kathrin (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig e.V. 00:38:01
2 Fischer, Anne (DEU) ATS Cuxhaven 00:40:32
3 Bernstein, Steffi (DEU) SG Spergau 00:41:23
4 Friedrich, Ramona (DEU) 00:41:53
5 Clart, Laura (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig e.V. 00:41:53
6 Bartsch, Nicole (DEU) SG Athletico Büdelsdorf 00:42:19
7 Purcz, Katharina (DEU) SC DHfK Leipzig 00:42:25
8 Blaise, Adéle (CAN) DHfK Leipzig 00:44:00
9 Erbs, Ina (DEU) SC DHFK Leipzig 00:44:30
10 Bader, Elisabeth (DEU) 00:46:05

full results of the race

Hamburg Marathon 2010 live stream on the internet

The 25th anniversairy of the Möbel Kraft Marathon Hamburg will take place on  coming Sunday, April 25th.

The race will be broadcasted trom German TV channel NDR. There is also an online stream available here. The coverage will start at 8.30AM local time (Central European Summer Time, UTC+2h) and will last until 1.00PM.

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