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2 months done

The first two months of the year are over and it’s time to draw a conclusion. Time went by extremely last, mainly because of the work at the university. Now it’s semester holiday and I’m going to write some more posts during this time. Now that the shape is coming back there is finally something to write about.

From 11th until 23rd of February I was in a training camp in Spain with fellow marathoners Martin Beckmann and Falk Cierpinski. Unfortunately, I got some stomach-problems after one week and missed 3 days of normal training. That time also included the first day of 2011 without a single running-kilometer. Not the kind of thing you want to experience in a training camp but I guess the stress in the previous weeks was threshold and once my body shut down the stress hormones were missing to keep the immune system in balance.

Anyway, January and February went better than the previous years and I should have a strong basis for the spring races.