Treadmill test |

Treadmill test

The first constructive marker for the year 2011 was set last Wednesday when I had the performance test in the facilities of the ILUG / Sports Department. The test consisted of 4×15 min running at 16,6/17,3/18,0/18,7 km/h. In my opinion I passed the test and actually I was positively surprised.

The results were asĀ  follows:

16,6km/h (4,6m/s): heart rate – 160, lactate – 1,40 mmol/l

17,3km/h (4,8m/s): heart rate – 170, lactate – 1,98 mmol/l

18,0km/h (5,0m/s): heart rate – 178, lactate – 3,17 mmol/l

18,7km/h (5,2m/s): heart rate – 183, lactate – 5,24 mmol/l

The first two stages felt easier than expected and only on the last stage was a bit tough (well with 5,2 lactate that’s not a surprise). Considering the fact that I ran only very few kilometers faster than 17km/h in training I’m positive about the upcoming weeks and further improvements until the next test in February.