13. Morgenpost Dresden Marathon 2011 (23.10.2011): 10km – 34:43min (14th place) | marathonscene.com

13. Morgenpost Dresden Marathon 2011 (23.10.2011): 10km – 34:43min (14th place)

This time I decided to go to Dresden to run a competition, of course it was another training race and that’s why I spent the whole weekend in Dresden. Meeting up with some old running mates (Marc Schulze ยง Co.) and going to a concert the day before were just as important as the race, so it was an opportunity to have a good time and be relaxed.

Considering the fact that I still was at a great + really intense concert some 10 hours before the start, I just expected this time of just under 35 minutes. After all it’s faster than my last races and I was pain-free. At some point it even felt like running but that was only for a couple of hundred meters…but at least a start to begin with.

My next race is going to be in Glauchau, which is close to my homew town and I’m going to vistit my family and some old friends. With a “normal” preparation I should be a bit faster than in Dresden again. Also the training is going well, even though I’m only in the second week of normal training (i.e. training with some speed work).

Results here.