15. Mazdalauf Eilenburg 2011: 10km – 32:29min (7th place) | marathonscene.com

15. Mazdalauf Eilenburg 2011: 10km – 32:29min (7th place)

The first race for me in spring was a 10K in nice conditions on a flat course. Friday night our training group decided to run the race instead of doing a tempo session on the weekend.

The race was just as expected. I wanted to run 33 minus X and that X turned out to be 31 seconds. The first two thirds of the race went really well and I was running even splits until approximately km 7. At this point I was chasing some guys but somehow I couldn’t keep the pace and the muscles were getting more and more tense.

Once I will get some more speed work done and less mileage in training (=fresher legs), the times will improve. Due to the fact that I missed 3 of the 4 last tempo sessions I should not be too unsatisfied with my performance.

Results of the mens category:
1 Falk, Cierpinski SG Spergau 78 M30 00:30:37
2 Frank, Schauer SC Magdeburg 89 M20 00:30:59
3 Fabian, Borggrefe SG Spergau 72 M35 00:31:53
4 Sebastian, Harz SV Hermsdorf 80 M30 00:32:05
5 Steffen, Tostlebe SV Blau Weiß Bürgel 87 M20 00:32:10
6 Martin, Butzlaff SC Magdeburg 72 M35 00:32:13
7 Erik, Haß SG Spergau 82 M20 00:32:29
8 Thomas, König LC Oelsnitz/ Erz. 65 M45 00:33:12
9 Samuel, Diedering ADREIKA-Team/LAV Halensia 89 M20 00:33:32
10 Eric, Glauche SCDHfK Leipzig 87 M20 00:33:33