21. Dresdner Citylauf 2011: 10km – 32:37min (8th place) | marathonscene.com

21. Dresdner Citylauf 2011: 10km – 32:37min (8th place)

Two weeks after the 10K race in Eilenburg it was time for another competition this weekend. Already on Saturday we (fellow marathoner Falk and me) drove to Dresden and spent the night in the race Hotel. The evening before was kind of funny, because there was a horrible pre-race dinner that consisted of Schnitzel, 3-4 potatoes and some veggies – obviously all from the freezer … maybe the worst pre-race dinner I got served ever. So we had no other choice than to go for another, “real” dinner at a Chinese / Sushi Bar where we got our stomachs finally filled with some good carbs.

The race itself once again went neither too bad nor too good. Positive things first: last year I was 90 seconds slower so there is some improvement compared to last year. Otherwise I was expecting a better time and especially: better legs. The previous week, training was reduced a lot to get some freshness, but during the race I couldn’t feel anything of it. Crossing the finish line, I was actually less exhausted than in the last race even though the course was more difficult this time. The legs were not moving as fast as I wanted them to move and the stride wasn’t fluid. Let’s see what the next weeks will bring. The winter training was good and there should be some faster times in the coming.

The next highlight will be the treadmill test next Wednesday and there will be a post with the results of the test.

Results of the race were posted here already.