29. Int. Neusser Sommernachtslauf (18.06.2011): 10km -33:32 (1st place) | marathonscene.com

29. Int. Neusser Sommernachtslauf (18.06.2011): 10km -33:32 (1st place)

After all a race victory again. After a long day (some 5h of driving, visiting the ASICS-headquarters and being at the ASICS-greeting) the race started in the evening at 21.00. In optimal weather conditions I ran a controlled race, supported some of my ASICS-frontrunner colleagues and finally went on to win the race after about 7km with a short acceleration.

It was a great event, which was organised for the ASICS-frontrunner. I can say that I’m really happy to be a frontrunner. Not only the support with training equipment (shoes and clothing) but also the community is very supportive.