Carsten Schlangen: fractured shinbone |

Carsten Schlangen: fractured shinbone

German middle distance runner Carsten Schlangen is out of the training for the winter season before it even started. The athlete from LG Nord Berlin has to cure a stress fracture in his shinbone.

As it was found out now, Schlangen was already injured when he competed in the IAAF World Championships in Berlin this year. In Berlin he missed the semi-finals with a time of 3:44,00. It seems that he suffered the fracture before the German National Championships in early July. However, at that time his injury was diagnosed as a periostitis.

Until November the 28-year old is not allowed to make any running training and therefore Schlangen is concentrating on the final diploma thesis of his studies in architecture. After that he wants to focus on the preparations for the European Championships in Barcelona 2010.